Parking Today Cover w Smarking Spothero Parkonect
Harlan Karp, Diego Torres-Palma, Wen Sang, Mark Lawrences from left to right on the October 2016 Parking Today Cover

Diego served as the VP of Growth for Smarking, specializing in customer acquisition and strategic company growth. With an industry primed for change, Smarking has entered the parking industry with a focused to become the data layer between the existing parking inventory and the consumer demand.

Frustrated by the stagnation of data analytics and yield management technologies in parking, the Smarking team is working to make the lives of parking professionals and parkers easier by bring innovation to this $50 billion global industry.

Since Smarking’s launch at MIT in 2014, Smarking has graduated from Y Combinator, attracted world-class investors, happy customers, and grown into a team with experts from both parking and tech.