My Story

My first startup launched in 2010, OoOTIE Boston Bow Ties. OoOTIE began as a way to understand startups and what it meant to bootstrap an idea. Today I’m happy to report the investment has paid off! We shipped orders daily all across the United States and world-wide! OoOTIE was featured in various Boston news outlets and most impressively BRIDES magazine.

After completing my MBA at Boston University I had a passion to understand and gain experience in sales. I took my engineering background and desire to Assemble Systems. Assemble is a web-based building information management system that brings transparency, collaboration, and speed to construction projects – allowing those in the Architectural/ Engineering/ Construction industry a gateway into their projects. From 2012-2014 I learned a lot about the Series-A stage of a startup and even more about sales. I was able to lead the team in both revenue and activity during my entire time with Assemble. The experience was invaluable and I’m excited for what the future holds for this startup!

After Assemble I was eager to dive into the formation of an early stage SaaS business. I was fortunate to meet and join the Smarking team before the company was accepted into the Y-Combinator program. After an eye-opening experience going through YC, the company was able to raise a $3.2MM seed round. As the VP of Growth for Smarking I had the honor of providing the framework for growth and strategy.

“The mind that opens to a new idea never comes back to its original size.”

– Einstein